4 stories about Apostle Paul: Lessons we can learn from God

Lesson 1 – Seeing the Light In this lesson the children will learn that like Saul, we must acknowledge Jesus as our Lord wherever we are, and follow Him wherever He leads us. Memory Work – Psalm 146:8; Scripture Reading and Discussion – Acts 9:1-19. Application: Saul is a good example of how God loves us and is able to show us a way out when we are not living according to His Will. Of course Saul didn’t think he needed a way out. He thought he was doing the right thing, but he was wrong. God showed Saul that he needed to repent of his sins so God could use him. Although we have done some pretty bad things, God is waiting for us to come clean and ask for forgiveness. Once we do, we are ready to let Him work through us.

Lesson 2 – The Great Escape In this lesson, the children learn that not only can God change a person’s life, but He is also there to lead the way to keep us safe. Memory Work – 2 Thessalonians 3:3; Scripture Reading and Discussion – Acts 9:19-31. Application: Paul (Saul) was not afraid to share the truth about Jesus to everyone he met. Paul now knew without doubt that Jesus is alive, and He can change our life, just like He did for him. Sometimes this passion got Paul into trouble. Not everyone was ready to hear the truth, especially those who thought he was either lying, or that he betrayed them. Many times these non-believers tried to kill Paul. His life was constantly in danger. But this lesson also teaches us how God is also there to help us escape harm. When our desire is to serve God and share the Good News about Jesus to others, then God helps us know where to go and what to do. Are you living by your own sight, or are you letting God show you the way?

Lesson 3 – Thrown Into Prison While many people turned their life towards Jesus, Paul still finds himself before angry mobs, and even winds up in prison. In this lesson, the children learn that even when thrown into a difficult situation they can still worship and praise the Lord. When they do, God will use them for His glory. Memory Work – 1 Corinthians 10:31; Scripture Reading and Discussion – Acts 16:16-34. Application: Often we find ourselves in a place we do not really want to be. We may be there by our own doing, or perhaps it is by mistake. However, God always helps us make the best out of a bad situation when we continue to glorify Him in everything we do. The grace of God brings good out of bad. He used the Apostle Paul even while in prison. Because Paul continued to worship and praise God in prayer and song, the jailer and his entire household received eternal life in Christ. What a wonderful ending to a situation that started pretty bleak. We need to remember that whether we eat or drink or whatever we do, do it all for the glory of God.

Lesson 4 – Shipwrecked Now Paul is under arrest and must sail to Rome to stand trial before Caesar. His journey provides yet another opportunity to show trust in the Lord, for his own safety and the safety of everyone onboard. In this lesson, the children learn that we can place our complete trust in our Lord, Jesus, because He cares for us. Memory Work – Psalm 119:101; Scripture Reading and Discussion – Acts 27:13-44. Application: We should now be able to know that God cares for us. That’s why He asks us to trust Him, just like Paul did while in the midst of a violent hurricane. We must believe God and do what He says, and put our complete trust in Jesus. God sent Jesus to show us the way to Heaven. We need to believe that in our hearts, not just in our heads. When we do, we become a child of God. He will show us many things to encourage us and help us get through rough times. God’s promise to care for His children is forever. Sometimes we may not understand what God is asking us to do. However, He is faithful, and will never tell us to do something wrong.





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